We know that graphic design terminology can be very confusing to our customers. We also know that starting with high quality art will produce the best results. Rest assured that the art you provide to us can be redrawn if it’s not the quality that it needs to be. If you’d like us to review the art you already have, the guide below may help you provide the best files.

The graphic design software we use is PC (not Mac) based and includes: Adobe Illustrator CS5, Corel Draw X6, and Corel Photo Paint X6

Extension Types:
If your files have an extension (three letter code after the file name) that includes; .eps, .pdf, .ai, or .cdr, you likely have a high quality vector file.
If your files have an extension ending in;
.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .psd, or .cpt, you may have a high or low quality raster (pixel based) file. Raster files should be submitted in final print size and no less than 300dpi.

If you used a font in your design, please include it with your art files or convert all of your fonts to curves (outlines) before sending.

Color Separations:
Some services like screen printing require the artwork to have different layers created for each color of your design. Creating each of these colors on a separate layer is called "color separating." This process is necessary when screen printing more than one color.

Color Matching:
Please include all PMS color specifications with your art file if you desire color matching. Additional fees may apply for PMS matching.

Send Art files to:  art@unitedpromotions.net